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A quick run for some post work trout occurred this day. Bring your gear with you, you never know when you’ll find an opportunity to bump a trout. With little time to spare we met on the banks of a creek I know and love. Time was the issue here (not much of it) maybe an hour and a half to wet a line with a decent amount of hiking involved. Sershen was going to leave the spinning rod in the car but I convinced him to bring it along, there are a few spots that fly angling just isn’t an effective option here. On stream we hit a spot that has rolled a few larger trout but nothing would stir and remembering the time constraints we continued upstream after a handful of unsuccessful drifts resulted in both of us snagging a tree limb on the bottom forcing us to break and re-rig our line. This is streamer water, the fish are perhaps [singlepic id=2602 w=380 h=300 float=left]fewer and farther between but the rewards can be great, however going deep and losing a few heavily tied streamers is a common place event here.

Upstream at one of three specific locations I sat back and allowed my friend to cast a big, heavy homemade spinner up and into some ferociously fast and deep trout water. Less than a couple seconds later and he was tugging his line taught landing his first trout on a homemade spinner. We landed a couple more but not the big one we were after and with the tight time frame we moved on quickly, a couple drifts here and there on the way upstream to the next location. A random rise here and there was observed but few adult caddisflies were in the area, again this is streamer water. The big and ugly. I put Sershen on a spot I call the Fridge due to the very old and very large refrigerator that has carved out a nice hole in the stream but again nothing stirred. Upstream and a handful of browns less than 14inches later and we had split up a bit when from the other bank and downstream a bit I hear a whoop and a holler. Heath had gotten his fish of the day, a nicer 18inch brown but due to my poor location no photo was taken, he simply wanted the trout back in the creek. We fished for about twenty more minutes and hiked out but before we did I stood on a high bank, made one pass with my #8 SMB and saw what I believe to be a brown trout/shark hybrid stir and leisurely give its location away then scoot off to a deep dark hole. When they move slow enough your heart rate will jump pretty quick…I’ll be back soon.

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