Fished big water for the second day in a row searching for nasty big brown trout willing to nail a streamer. Not much to report, a lot of casting and very little catching. In the few hours I spent hiking the banks slowly fishing each boulder, each pocket and every run I managed to catch two smaller small mouth bass and missed one smaller brown trout. Not a very exciting day with regards to the fish but any day hiking a creek in the driftless area SAM_2331is a day to be celebrated. I stumbled along a younger bullfrog that allowed me to get remarkably close, I couldn’t believe it sat there as I inched closer and closer. As it would go I came across two others who wouldn’t let me get within two feet of them.

It’s been quite a while since I fished this spot and even longer since my line has had a small mouth bass on the other end but that’s the way the day would go. The smallies hold tight to the rocks and in the faster water if you get your streamer deep enough then let it rise they will typically come up charging. Neither smallie was very large maybe 15inches at the most and both basically rolled over almost immediately. I caught a wet rag more or less. I did however get the opportunity to use my net and I wasn’t too disappointed to get a consolation prize, maybe next time I’ll find the big brown I’m looking for.

Post-Script: Nature is awe inspiring, check the photo’s out.

Photo Credit: The Driftless Exposure






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