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  • Fished for ~2.5hrs from 3:30pm-6:00pm
  • Hooked into ~20in Brown on the 3rd Cast. Net Too Far Away. Lost Trying to Land By Hand When The Hook Slipped. Too Wide, Couldn’t Wrap My Hand Around It. A Bit Bummed but Lesson Learned. The Net.
  • Hooked into The Second Brute, Watched it Jump Once then Take Half my Spool Smacking My Thumb about 40 Times in Half a Second. Fun. Drug My Leader Line Across the Rocks, Broke Me Off. Needed to Replace Half My Leader.
  • Hooked into the Third. Net Ready, This Time. Took the #6 Olive Sprinkle Me Baby on a Down/Across Approach. Measured Just Under 18inches. The Smallest Trout I Saw.


  1. Great work! Were you hooking this big boys with streamers? Sounds like a fun outing. Interesting about the net – I am usually fine with losing a fish at my feet – I’m hoping to release anyway (as I’m sure you were) so whats the loss…not sure I want to add another piece of equipment to the line up. CLearly many do – but thats my view.

    avatar Paul G
  2. Paul, I guess the reason I was bummed about losing the trout was the sheer girth of the first one, would have loved a photo of my hand next to that trout. As for the net? I leave it at home 90 percent of the time, I release 90 percent of the trout I catch and 100 percent of everything over 13 inches long.

    With that said I specifcally bring the net to locations like these where I feel I may run into a brute, If I do I can land the trout quickly without risking fighting the fish to death, I also use 3x tippet now when fishing streamers, all in an effort to preserve the life of a large trout should one show it’s face.

    Thanks for your input and your time to comment, it’s appreciated.

  3. WFF – I get what you mean about fighting the fish too hard – especially since – like I think you do – I fish a light weight rod (from 1-3 weights). A big fish would be pretty tired bringing it in on the 1wt – and a net would help! I also get the thrill of holding the brute before releasing…I’ve actually struggled with the idea of carrying one – but too lazy I guess. Now, when I am trying to land a 10# carp on a 5 wt – thats when I wish I weren’t so lazy!

    avatar Paul G

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