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Just another day around here. Woke early to take advantage of a couple hours before work. I see little reason to waste the day sleeping when there are trout to be had. This is the “busy” time of the year for me and as such I stow my gear in the car, it goes everywhere with me, you never know when an hour will appear and with trout this close I’d kick myself if I left my rod at home.

Onstream earlier at ~8am. I took my time due to the brisk air-temp that was making me wonder why I fish mornings and not more evenings. The usual mug of black stuff in tow and a #8 Olive SMB rigged roadside. Yawning I spied the creek from a ways out and became concerned. I knew the area got a bit of rain but this creek was looking much better just a day ago. I had chosen this stretch of this creek and my thought was to fish or go home. I fished. Second cast after a short upstream hike made the morning. Heavy, heavy stain on the creek, borderline mud and my streamer has a nice 14inch fish pulling it towards a tree branch that I can just barely make out through the turbid water. Good thing I got into fish early or I might have hiked out right there thinking nothing was going to see my fly. Next bend and another Brown came out, fishing the shallower edges rather than the deep pools payed off with the heavy stain. I tried fishing some of the [singlepic id=2617 w=380 h=300 float=left]usual deep spots but the stain was too great and I think most just couldn’t make it out unless I literally stuck it right in their mouths. Quite a few nipping trout, just tugging the tail of my streamer rather than committing to the ride. I almost got frustrated on a corner pool that I must have had ten fish do this exact thing but I was enjoying the cool air and hot coffee with plenty of creek still in front of me.

Upstream a bit and I had taken a couple more in the 10-13inch range. I figured out why the creek was stained as I turned around a bend. The herd, cattle. Fishing pastures can have its downsides, you might get a nicer backcast but you’ve got to deal with the bovine element. Cattle…better than corn I guess. The air temp rose quickly and it dawned on me why I fish mornings, sweating your ass off is no fun. I typically stay out of the creek if I can avoid it even in the warmer weather. Trout feel, see and hear us coming a mile away before getting into the creek. I fished upstream until I ran out of morning to enjoy and headed to work. Fishing before work, satisfying.

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  1. You know, just this week I was telling my wife, “I prefer to play before work, as opposed to work before play.” I feel much more refreshed and energized as I head to work after being outside fishing. yeah, you are on a more strict time schedule, but, to be heading into work knowing that you’ve already accomplished something you love, that is an awesome feeling. Seize the morning opportunities as they come; time slips away as the day moves on.

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