1. Hey, I always love the updates/ new pics… it helps keep me sane during the week 🙂 Question for you, do you use a different set-up for nymphing? (ie: ‘nymphing rod’) I ask cause I’m looking do update my current set up (5wt 8’6…seems like its better for Pan fishing with lil poppers/ big trout hunting, then delicate presentation to trout on ‘clean streams’) for trout fishing, any thoughts would be great.

    avatar Tedd
  2. Tedd, I use one rod for trout. It’s an 8’6″ 3wt Sage Flight. I use this rod for everything from rollcasting heavy buggers with additional splitshot to tossing #22 Trico’s. I make needed adjustments to my leader to help but I find this rod to be all around the best thing to happen to my angling. I would note that I am looking into getting a 2wt for dry flies in the future. Hope this helps.

    Ben, we have so much water around us it’s up to the angler what kind of experience he/she may want. I like open areas for some things and I have many creeks that are roll cast only creeks due to the location in a tight valley surrounded by thick woods. There is a large contrast of water to fish and no shortage of it. If you ever make it to MN let me know.

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