The fishing was damn good today, I opted to get out today knowing that snow melt would be causing problems soon and right I was. With air temps climbing and the overnight lows staying in the upper 20’s/low 30’s the spring run off has begun. The creek I fished today started the morning with a water temp of 39.5 degrees at 9:36am with a bit of stain already visible. Those numbers were a bit discouraging as I was hoping to run into a BWO hatch, I knew the water temp would have to jump quickly for that to happen. The rocks showed a handful of mature BWO’s but most need another week or so of development before they will be ready to pop. Quite a few mature Ephemerella Subvaria crawling next to the Baetis tells me that if the air temps rise drastically some creeks will have BWO’s and Dark Hendricksons hatching shortly. At 11am the water temp was 41.5 and by 12pm it had risen to 44 degrees. Midge showed up thick around 11am but only a handful of rising trout led me to keep fishing my streamer. By 1:30pm with a water temp of 46 degrees the first BWO’s I’ve seen this year showed up to bring spring into view. By 2:30pm the creek was well on it’s way to chocolate milk and it was time to take off. I landed a good two dozen trout on a new mini-streamer I’m calling the Beamer between 6 and 14inches with two pushing 16 today, strong aggressive strikes came left and right. My thoughts are that much of the water in S.E. Minnesota will be unfishable through the weekend and into next week, I’m glad I was able to get out today before the chocolate took over.


  1. Recently stumbled on to your web site. I like what I see very innovative on your fly designs and a great fresh look at the flyfishing life that I love so much. It’s always nice to come across like minded people. I’ve been tying and flyfishing since I was 14 and am now 46. I always have a fly box full of experimental patterns and crazy ideas. You’re liv’n the life!

    avatar J.D
    1. Thanks J.D. I am very thankful that I get to be here and have the time and ability to spend my time in the Driftless Area, it’s the best place on earth for me. My idea of a good vacation is just taking time off from work to go camping within an hour of my house, not many can say that. Glad you like the flies I tie, I love tying almost as much as I love fishing. Take care

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