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Well it’s here, I’m sure as the temperatures fluctuate a bit some evenings will produce more or less aggressive strikes but for the most part it is official… the mousing season has begun and I plan on taking full advantage of the hours leading up to the 11pm curfew. Mousing was very productive on the 22nd, the couple other evenings we’ve been out have seen a couple trout come to hand but nothing like the 22nd, strike after strike Carl and I were pulling in Brown trout. There is something very special about evening mousing that sets it apart from other dimensions of Driftless fly fishing. On the 22nd we arrived early enough to make our hike then sit in place as the sun set, felt the air temp drop and witness the fog roll in. We started fishing just before it got uber dark and I managed to get one trout to surface before things went totally black, after that a well placed fly with the proper retrieve was going to get hit. We worked larger open pools for the most part but I have been toying with other locations to present this pattern, my first trout of the evening was caught by dropping my mouse down a fast run and letting it swing across the tail end in the faster water. This is going to be the season of exploration, trial and error and of course big fish. I managed to land over a dozen easy but lost quite a few, I’m amazed at the smaller trout that readily slam this fat fly. I have to think a handful of the fish I lost just couldn’t get the entire fly (including the hook) into their mouths. Second to the last fish of the night and Carl slams an 18inch Male Brown in, the strike was something to hear. I managed the last fish of the night. If you’ve got a good headlamp, red-light function is a must, I’d get out there and start getting used to the creek in the dark it’s a blast. Note: We definitely 100% sure we heard a wolf howling on the ridge as we stood below fishing the creek. I know what a coyote sounds like and trust me this was no coyote. I’m also pretty sure we heard an owl somewhere in the dark as well. Chased off a handful of deer and who knows what else starring at our lights in the distance. The mousing season has begun…

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  1. Funny you mention wolves. I was lying in bed last night with the windows open and swear I also heard one howl that was quite close to town. It was a much lower and more drawn out howl than a coyote. I expected the couple of dogs that are on our end of town to go crazy but it was like it scared them.

    Gonna have to get out with you soon. I crossed over to the dark side last night. Found a good deal and couldn’t resist.

    Great to see you enjoying the season a bit more. See you Wed. night.

    avatar S.T.Fanatic

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