Trout Hole         Trout Hole on the Far Side of the Seam         Low Flows

Having only a few hours to fish and knowing that I had yet to feel that wonderful tug from a trout in a while I decided to fish the creek that helped me start fly fishing. I know all the riffles, runs and pools on this stream. I know where the fish hold and I believe I know where the best feeding stations are at most places on the stretch I fish. 

Black StoneflyI set out to see if I could find fish in my favorite run but alas like two days before there were no fish to be found. I find this to be quite puzzling, and I will be returning to monitor this spot for signs of trout. I continued on and decided that due to cooler water temps (~44) I would fish a Marabou leech thinking that unless I saw trout rising to midge that a Leech of significant size i.e. calories would entice a trout to strike. I remember approaching a wide open slow moving pool to watch a lone fly bounce across the water, too big to be a midge, so I chased it down. I somehow managed to capture what turned out to be a larger black stonefly. I had seen these crawling in the snow a few weeks earlier, the exact same color and everything just one third the size.

Brown Trout on a Marabou Leech

After seeing trout strike at the stonefly I decided to run my leech across the pool to see what I could come up with, I did this rather than turning to a dry fly imitation because a. there were no other flies around and b. I only saw one surface strike. This made me think the trout were active but with no other flies I didn’t think I would get anywhere with a dry imitation.

Brown Trout on the FlyI managed to get several strikes, with the water so clear I could watch little trout follow the leech practically to my feet. Finally, after a few days of missing the tug I set the hook and had a nice 12in brown on the line. I ended up landing two more before moving on to another hole. I got one more on the marabou leech and then decided I needed to head in. A short but sweet moment in time, hunting trout.

             Black Leech tied by W.F.F.

Marabou Leech:

  • Hook:6-8 Streamer
  • Black Bead Head
  • Tail/Body: 1 Black/Brown Marabou Feather

I have had great success with 1 or 2 strands of krystal flash in the tail as well as the addition of a partridge soft-hackle collar.

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