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Notes and Observations:

  • Arrival Air Temp: ~62°F at 9:49am
  • Arrival Water Temp 52°F at 9:59am
  • Low Slightly Stained Water
  • BWO’s Arrive at 11:45am
  • Streamer Fishing First Few Hours of the Day
  • Aggressive Strikes from Browns in the Riffles/Shallower Runs
  • Broke my Tip Top Guide off Roll Casting Under a Tree
  • Fished to Rising Trout From 11:45am-12:45pm

Similar day to the previous, beautiful weather, wet wading, aggressive trout, bugs, everything I could have wanted all packaged in a Mid 80 degree high temperature. Sunny skies with minimal wind, couldn’t ask for more. Fished the SMB early prior to the show then swapped to a #16 BWO Comparadun as I had the day before. Fewer bugs came off this day but a handful of Dark Hendricksons emerged between the BWO’s, the nice weather is nice but it’s a bit concerning when we see hatching a good two to three weeks early. Landed a good number of trout, swapped back to the streamer after the hatch had finished up. Again fishing slowed later in the afternoon for the SMB.

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  1. I spent the last couple weekends wet wading myself. What joy. Although I damn near got sucked down into some pretty deep mud a couple times. Oh well, the pitfalls.

    FYI – the camper travels to SE Minn this weekend. Let me know when you’re ready to stop by.


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