Day four found me deciding to bring my dog with me fishing. This means knowing that I’m probably not going to catch much but I did want to scout and hike down some trout water. We spent several hours travelling a section of stream that I’ve passed but never fished. I chucked a streamer into several holes with nothing to show for it. The dog made staying on a single spot difficult for more than five minutes. 

Lily Swimming in the Stream

I was hoping that after a while she would tire and allow me to get a few casts in but that wasn’t the case. Even with her bad leg she kept me going the entire time we were out. I took only a few pictures this day but I had a good time regardless. The stream looked in good shape but it had some damage from the flood that occurred two years back. Interesting how the snow melt made the dirt erode from the banks that had been cut by the flood waters. 

Trout Water

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