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Notes and Observations:

  • Arrival Air Temp: 59°F at 10:29am
  • Arrival Water Temp: ~49°F at 10:39am
  • Low Slightly Stained Water
  • Ephemerella Subvaria and Baetis Nymphs Present in Lrg #’s
  • Baetis Nymphs showing Translucent Wing Pads (Not Fully Developed, See Image)
  • Water Temp ~51°F at 11:43am
  • BWO’s Arrive at 12:35pm but were Few in #’s
  • Streamer Fishing in the AM and After Hatching
  • Most Trout took the SMB in Faster, <3ft Deep Runs and in the Shallowest Riffles
  • Fishing Slowed after 3:30pm with the SMB
  • Air Temps rose into the Low 80’s Under Clear Sunny Skies

Glorious… a good word to describe the 16th of March walking around in a T-Shirt and Wet wading gear. This would mark the first of three days that saw me on the same creek fishing the same locations observing the Show, for this time of year that would be the emergence of BWO’s and the trout response. When I can I like to spend as many days in a row fishing the same location during an event like this to take notes, learn from each day and maximize my time on the water. I started the morning with the usual assessment, put on a #8 Sprinkle Me Baby and hiked downstream close to a mile. First cast set the scene for the day, a short roll cast brought a small brown charging and four casts in I had three trout to hand. Brown’s hit the SMB much harder in the faster runs that were less than three feet deep charging around boulders and downstream after my fly. The shallowest riffles held many trout, they too came charging and resulted in many excellent fish. No lie, I landed over forty trout between the SMB in the shallows and the #16 BWO Comparadun I fished from 12:35pm until 1:45pm. [singlepic id=3312 w=300 h=220 float=left]Browns aggressively leaping from the creek showing all fins and a tail before smacking the creek surface, this is the show. Fishing slowed after 3:30pm and I should have probably dropped the SMB and started fishing nymphs. 85% of the trout I touched were fat gutty fish and most were above 10inches in length, nothing larger than a 14inch male that took the dry fly with a mid air hookset, again… Glorious. The show…

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Again in the Dark:

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