Trout StreamDay three found me hitting two creeks with plans to meet up with Wendy B. at a pre-determined location around 2pm. Knowing this I decided to hit my home waters quick prior to meeting later in the day. Slightly frustrated at this point I had felt as if I was slipping, I hadn’t caught a fish in too long it seemed. I started fishing a run that I know like the back of my hand and I can almost always pull a fish from this spot. I fished, and fished some more and eventually decided to figure out what the deal was…well as it turns out there wernt any fish in the hole. I was stunned, this is my goto run when I need to see a fish I go here. I’m still formulating ideas regarding where the fish are but at this point I moved upstream and fished some more enjoying another beautiful morning on the water.

Cranefly LarvaI picked quite a few bugs taking samples as I went. On this trip I found my first Cranefly larva, I was surprised to see the size of the larva, huge in comparison to most of the macro-invertebrates found in the trout streams around here. I can see trout taking this guy to the dinner table for sure. Despite the warmer temperatures I was finding little surface activity so I spent most of the morning fishing streamers trying to entice a lunker to take my Rabid Rabbit.

I moved and left with some time to scout out the second location prior to Wendy’s arrival. I found several other fishermen on the stream this day, signs that I haven’t fished this time of year before, normally I don’t see anyone else but spring seems to bring traffic to the streams. This fact has made me alter my opening weekend plans but more on that later.

Wendy fishing in the SunWendy and I met and had a short introduction before hiking upstream quite aways to avoid the other stream traffic. I’ve been wanting to meet this guy for a while, knowing that we have much in common I knew we would get along well and we did. I asked my questions and we fished. I spent more time getting my line untangled than fishing but I was happy just to be in the sun. Wendy caught his share of browns nymphing holes and runs and I unfortunately caught nothing continuing my losing streak but I knew it would end eventually. After a few hours in the sun we headed back downstream and fished streamers. I took a water temp of 43 degrees at ~2pm and 47 degrees at ~6:15pm.


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