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My boots the creek later in the afternoon, some indecision saw me finally leave for water at 2pm but with warm air temps and daylight savings time I had plenty of light to knock a few fish before the setting sun came. I got on the creek and rigged a #16 Pink Safety fly simply because I wasn’t confident a streamer would move fish and with my limited amount of time I expected the Pink Safety fly to land a few trout quickly. Three drifts in and I watched one fish rise upstream, another drift and another rise upstream. At this point I hadn’t gotten a strike with the fly I was fishing and so I opted to swap to a #20 Griffiths Gnat, I know Carl would have slapped that fly on as soon as he saw the first fish surface. Something about his blind confidence with the dry fly makes him successful, I’ve watching him pull fish up and out when I wouldn’t have expected a trout to rise let alone strike an imitation. His skill with a dry fly is something I need to work towards and so I put on a good stretch of 6x and started letting line fly. Two drifts later I was landing my first fish of the afternoon, moments after that and another was on the end of my line. I continued working each run up to the head with success at every spot, those fish simply wanted a well dressed small dry fly that was riding high. Evolving as an angler, it’s what I’m working on and this day proves that fishing like Carl has it’s place, I need to remember that.

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The Beginning:

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