To start the week of fishing I decided to return to Possum Creek which, up until this point skunked me and provided challenging fishing conditions. Gin clear water combined with close approaches made catching trout here tougher than some of the other streams I fish but all the more reason to go. I started before 11am and pulled out at around 3:30pm under sunny skies. I spent most the day casting dry midge flies to feeding trout but with no success. I think two reasons were undermining my ability to catch a trout with the Jujubee Midge fly. 1st, I believe that although the body size was spot on I had too much CDC forming the wing, and second that my casts into wind alerted the trout to my presence almost immediately even though I made the effort to sneak and crawl to my casting spots.

I spent over an hour sitting in the same spot not moving just watching trout take midge both surface and sub-surface flies. I eventually switched to a PT with a size 20 Zebra midge trailer and this produced many more strikes but I never landed a fish this way, they either bit too light and I couldn’t set the hook or they got off during the struggle. I made it a point to spend just as much time looking at insects and watching trout as I did fishing, this being my first spring I wanted to see all the changes first hand and record them for reference, there are many pictures of the naturals from this week that I will be posting.

After spending most the day fishing with midge imitations I switched to the Marabou Leech I have become very fond of and it produced several strikes of which I was able to land one smaller trout, and honestly, it wasn’t much of a fight.  The fish struck, in anticipation I set the hook and between the hook set and the leap out of the water the fish ended up almost in my lap. I had to laugh, flying trout beware! I explored further reaches of the stream and found a few spots I want to return to.

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