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Notes and Observations:

  • Arrival Water Temp: ~44degrees at 10:52am
  • Started Fishing a #8 SMB
  • Water Temp at 12:28pm: ~47degrees
  • Minimal or No Hatching Mayflies
  • Fished the SMB all Day, Aggressive Strikes from Faster Water
  • Landed a Brook, Brown and Rainbow
  • Fished a New Stretch of Creek

After landing George the day before this was the icing on the cake, fishing streamers to aggressively feeding spring trout. Watched the water temps climb up into the BWO range (48-52) but didn’t see many emerge and the trout wern’t rising. The rocks showed large numbers of both Baetis nymphs but also Ephemerella Subvaria however most were immature and still needed time before they would be ready to hatch. I was content tossing the streamer and watching trout dart, slam and chase down my fly at every turn. Many missed fish due to the slightest amount of slack line when my fly was cast at a new spot, first cast inevitably led to a strike and despite anticipating that strike a lot of trout managed to hit and spit but quite a few got stuck. It was a good day fishing in minimal wind conditions with a very respectable air temp in the upper 60’s/low 70’s at the height of the day. Low point of the day… someone put their rod in my car then I rolled my back window down accidentally, then I rolled it back up and heard a crunch. Bummer. Down one rod.

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