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  • AT: ~8:30am DT: 3:20pm
  • AAT: ~30°F  DAT: ~39°F
  • WT: 9am 39.5°F, 11:26am ~42°F, 2:09pm    ~46°F, 3:20pm ~46°F
  • S. Winds 10-12mph
  • Clear Water on Arrival
  • Midge in the Snow on Arrival #20-24

March 11th was removal day on Trash Creek. I arrived early, took my usual water assessment, geared up then got out the 50gal trash bag I brought with for the day. My plan was to hike downstream from my access point, spend the cooler morning hours leisurely fishing upstream while collecting various human debris I found along the way then dump it off around noon at the truck. Dragging around a trash bag is kind of a pain but I would set it aside, fish a run for twenty minutes or so then retrieve it to move further upstream. Water temps were cooler than I’ve seen as of late for 9am, the fish were sluggish and slow to strike. I fished a #8 Brown SMB and a #8 Tan Hairball with minimal success in the morning, landed a few browns under 12inches, that was about it. At 10:30am the trout began rising to midge, I would note I saw more subsurface rising today than ever before, the hump of each brown just barley splitting [singlepic id=2419 w=360 h=280 float=left]the surface as they ate. I fished to risers for an hour or so, got a bunch to hand then split for more trash removal. Note: I specifically let my dry fly sink when casting to these fish, it was so evident they were not taking surface flies, a slimmed dryfly presented just under the surface worked very well.

The rest of the day was pretty much a swap between a #20 Jujubee Midge Adult and a #8 SMB. I’d fish the midge when trout were rising agressivly enough to make it worth my time to swap flies, the rest of the time I targeted specific spots with the SMB and did pretty well. Nothing over 13inches but I hooked into two 12inch fish that faught like they were 20inches long with an attitude, a pretty good time there. Made it quite aways upstream, took water temps throughout the day and spied rocks for bugs. Baetis may be coming sooner than later, this weeks warm weather may cause the full on melt but provided minimal flooding occurs the invertebrates look good for this spring. BWO’s, Dark Hendricksons, Light Hendricksons then the Gray Caddis. Get your dry flies ready, they are coming.

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    1. Your welcome man but I have fished with you and I doubt you contribute trash to our riparian zones. So thanks for that.
      If your gonna insist on drinking a beer while fishing please for the love of god, just take the can away with you and the bait containters….

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