K.now Y.our M.acro I.nvertebrates!


A small collection of resources for the macro’s. 


  1. It looks like you’re doing a steady methodical approach to learning what’s in your local waters. This should pay off large next season when it counts – nice to see some fellow putting in the time, rather than pointing to a little mayfly 40 feet away and exclaiming, “that’s a Potamanthus DingDongus with egg sac!”

    Great job on your blog, friend.

  2. Thank you for the compliment. I laughed pretty hard when I read the “Potamanthus DingDongus with egg sac” I’m going to use that when I’m on the water and have no idea what the trout are eating.

  3. Good stuff on macros here. Great for winter holdover.

    You can reach me here:

    If for some reason it’s time sensitive during a weekday, you can use my work email:
    justin.watkins@pca.state.mn.us (I don’t look at that Yahoo account more than ~1 time per day.

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