March Brown Mayflies

Trout StreamAfter cleaning up dinner Friday night I took my sister’s fiancee fishing with me. We left the campground and fished a stretch of water that I visited recently, we arrived alittle after 7:00pm and left around 9pm. Joel fished a spinning rod, I put him on the deep holes but I had a feeling he might not catch much with the number of mayflies around. I saw fish rising when we arrived and I rigged a #14 Light Hendrickson dry fly and let loose on a pair of rises near the tail end of a run. My eagerness resulted in two poor casts which put them down. I waited tried again, nothing, they kept rising. I tried switching flies, seeing multiple #12 March Brown’s around I tied on one and tried again. Nothing. 

I moved downstream, I saw the rising begin to pick up more and more. I felt like they would more easily take my imitation the more excitedly they were feeding and that was partly true. I lost two takes and after that nothing would look at my hackled March Brown pattern. I moved downstream and waited trying to help Joel take one on a spinner. I put him on a hole I knew might hold a trout willing to feed on a bait-fish imitation rather than a fly but to no avail. I watched the trout rise more and more, I tied on a #14 Para-chute Hairs Ear pattern. I had an initial strike and a poor hook set denied me the fish, I moved back upstream as it grew darker. The March Browns were thick and seemed they were getting thicker. 

Brown TroutBrown TroutBrown Trout

I positioned on a run and cast upstream and across careful to leave slack line for a good drift. The trout were willing now, I’m not sure if it was the Parachute pattern or not but it was working. I picked up five trout before the fly was mangled beyond use. I would have spent more time fishing but I looked around me and saw something truly amazing. Thousands of Mayflies were all around me, so thick they were crawling on me. March Browns, Light Hendrickson’s and  Caddisflies of varying size were all present. I plucked several out of the air around me easily, I caught one small Light Hendrickson with a bright Orange egg sac on the end, just sick man. I took pictures and just watched slightly slack-jawed. I spent twenty minutes in the storm and then headed out. Some of the remnants followed me back to the campsite on my gear to be seen for the next two days, very cool. Note: I left some of the images fullsize to express the magnitude of the event, I apologize if they load slowly.


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