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Went out for a few short hours knowing the conditions are rough, weeded up water with minimal casting lanes and places to catch a decent drift. With that said I checked out this spot to see if the rains had shifted any of the obstructions around or if it removed enough of the instream vegetation to open a hole or two. I rigged a #8 Sprinkle Me Baby (Black) and left the added splitshot aside banking that the trout would come up to me. Most deeper water was so weeded it was difficult to get your fly in for even a second or two. I stuck to the edges fishing broken water that was maybe 6-18 inches deep. I got a few nice responses one of which saw a brown leaping completely out of the water in pursuit of the SMB but the weeds complicated things and I ended up not landing a single fish in three hours. Not a big deal though, I enjoyed the time in the sun taking in everything around me. Ho-humming it as it were. As I was heading out I ran into a group of deer, just one of many cool things around the stream, more than just the trout around here.

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  1. Wholistic fishing. Including observation, gathering, chewing on many leaves and sometimes napping. I like that approach.

    Been picking berries to beat hell around here too. I ate two hot muffins with wild raspberries enclosed on the way to work today.

  2. I’ve had an image of a day where you wake early fish the day till noon, gather from around you what you can and hope to catch a fish to fry over a makeshift small fire with nothing more than perhaps a stick you find around. Eat your lunch and continue with the day.

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