The FlyLeft work, lunch and I spent thirty minutes with one fly and one fish. Drove to the spot, tied on the only fly I tied last night for this occasion. Decided for some reason that rather than head straight to the spot where I know the big ones live I’d chucked this into the first riffle I got to. I did this because although I weighted this fly heavy under the body I knew to fish it deep at the place I was going I would have to add more weight, rather than do that, first I would try it out on the way. First spot I kicked up a female duck, and the fish didn’t respond well to my fly. I quickly moved downstream. Second spot I lost a take and just decided to press on, trying to keep this one to a half an hour. Third spot I made the first cast too short and although one trout came after it, it refused as the fly got closer to me. Second cast was placed right above the pool just in the riffle, perfect. I let it drift for a few seconds, first strip, second strip and then I watched him saunter up, turn and sharply stomp this fly, straight to the bottom. I watched from 20ft the whole thing. Damn.

The TroutWith that it was on, I had 4x tippet on and I didn’t want to force this fish and frankly at the time I didn’t think he was as big as he turned out to be.  I pulled his head torwards the head of the pool, downstream and we would have played with sticks and a big log, I didn’t want that. He dove towards each bank up the riffle and then chased back down the pool, each time I had to turn his head. On the third he chased up the riffle so far he was in 3inches of water half exposed, that’s when I realized what I was dealing with. He came back down and before he hit the pool I pulled him out, landed on the grass. Four photo’s out of the water quickly, I removed the hook with my forceps and got him in the water, I wanted to be careful not to harm him. We spent about three minutes together, I took photos and eventually he slipped up and under the bank I could still see him in six inches of water. I just sat and watched him. The whole thing lasted less than twenty minutes. I packed it in didn’t even bother to go to the spot I had came here for, funny too, the landowner that gave me permission stopped me and asked how I did. I had a huge grin, so I showed him the photo’s I had, I assured him that I let the fish go. I will be sending him the photo’s later.

S.E. Minnesota Male Brown Trout

30min. First Fish, third hole. Watched him come up, on the 3wt. Sick, just sick. Ran up a riffle three inches deep. Body exposed. Landed by hand, no net. Four frantic photos out of the water. A few in the water while enjoying the three minutes I got to hold this trout before he left me. 20+in I think. Heavy trout. One fly, one fish. What a moment…

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  1. Nice fish! I have found a new spot in my heart for streamers this year. I can’t wait to throw some big streamers designed by Galloup, sex-dungeons, monkey butts, T & A’s. Awful names, but great results. Keep up the great work.

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