The Pond We FishedSpent Sunday getting fitted for a tux because I’m in my sisters wedding, while they had dresses to find, we had time to kill so a fishing we went, not for very long though. I brought two fly rods and Joel brought a spinner, the plan was to fish a pond in Rochester that I’ve heard holds a few fish. We got on site and Joel asked me if I was going to fly fish, I kind of smiled. I asked if he wanted to try, then I promptly warned before making a decision that until he could get the fly in the water he wouldn’t be catching any fish but if he wanted I would be more than willing to help him get as far as I could.  He was game and with that we left the spinner rod to sit in the car.

Casting on Still Water

I got my old rod/reel ready for him, put on a 9ft leader and a #14 Cinnamon Caddis dry fly. I put Joel in a spot that had a few casting hazards behind him but nothing thick or tall, I tried to explain in words as much as I could about casting but I guess since no one taught me I just used alot of feeling. I showed Joel the knots needed and gave him flies/box/vest as to spur more excitment, now we just needed a fish. I rigged a Rabid Rabbit and weighted it to sink well due to the fact we were fishing still water, I am not used to this and frankly, I’m not good at it so I had something to learn as well, I did manage to pull some small blue gills out though.

1st Fish on the FlyI watched Joel practice, helped him remove his hook from the weeds a few times and tried to explain things like leader construction/tippet/flotant and why they are important. We fooled around for a few hours in the early AM and eventually Joel was getting the fly in the water. I remember this phase all too well, the “my fly is 2 feet in front of my fly line but I have 12ft of leader inbetween” and although he was happy it might make for a poor presentation. We worked on it some more and although he only pulled in a tiny blue gill I got to watch him, watch the take and set the hook on and after he did so he kind of looked at me, fish on, like “What now?” I laughed, took a picture and with that we had to get back to the wedding stuff.

We spent the rest of the day watching my neice and getting things finalized for the day when Joel becomes my Brother-In-Law, cool to have another potential fishing partner. He asked good questions throughout the day making me realize I may have got him enjoying it enough to practice and sure enough before and after dinner we worked on casting in the back yard. I made him a deal that if he practiced I would leave the rod/reel with him, help him tie all his knots the first time we went out, second time I would talk him through stuff and after that he would be on his own. We might try to get on some flowing water next week sometime, hopefully we can get him a trout and get him really hooked.


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