Hit a local spot for five Browns in the right size range, the Black Wet Fly is amazing this time of year. If you don’t know about this fly you should. I’m tossing the video I made a few years ago below this if you are interested in learning how to tie it the way I do. Anyway, the fish crushed it all afternoon and before I knew it I had knocked all five Brown trout I wanted for dinner. It’s been hot and humid as of late and I’ve resorted to wet wading in old shoes so I can stay as cool as possible. The bugs haven’t been too bad and terrestrial season is really heating up. I’ve been taking quite a few trout on stimulators lately. 2hrs of fishing and I’d gotten the trout from the creek to compliment veggies from the garden, these are the best meals.

Evening Sunset photo from my bike ride post trout dinner. Good days around here. 

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