Sparkle Larvae tied by W.F.F.Fished under cloudy skies today for four hours this afternoon. I fished two rigs; the SMB on a short leader and a #12 Stimulator with a trailing #16 Sparkle Larva on a longer 12ft leader, the fish just nailed the Sparkle larva. I saw little to no mayfly nymphs or surface flies on the stream again today which was the main reason for tying on a Sparkle Larvae, I’m glad I did. Approximately twenty fish were taken in a short time and the count was 12-14 brown trout that were 14in or above, Excellent. All fish caught in a hundred yard stretch of flat open water that I worked up very very slowly and then got out and worked it up again. I’m working on better casts, accurate mending and deader drifts. The wild parsnip is up and in full bloom, know what it looks like and avoid if possible. Enjoy the summer now, it will be gone before we know it.

Excellent Fish

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  1. I had a day that was nearly as good today. Your dropper system has inspired me. I did it all the time when I used to head West, but never here for some reason. I tie a foam black cricket as the point fly that floats forever and is deadly. I’ll post it some day.

    In other news, the Hex is out! I fished the whole thing last night out on the sands–nymphs to spinners till about 1:30am. There were a couple of those scary, toilet flushing risers out there in the dark.

  2. sounds like fun. a few years back now i had a similar morning on the stream. ever since then if the depth is there i find those long dead stretches of water to be my favorite to fish. and like you i found that you cant spend enough time on the cast, cast, and keep casting. you never know what the morning has in store for you.

    avatar Fanatic
  3. You have a very nice blog.
    Are you fishing Bamboo?
    I’ve not had the oppertunity yet.
    Need to save a bit.
    I’m kind of fond of a fast action rod.
    Do you think I’ll have trouble casting?

    avatar Jim

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