Smile.For everything I can catch on a fly rod. It is my goal to acquaint myself with all varieties of fly fishing and fish that can be caught on the fly. Thinking about it, I live on the Mighty Mississippi River with a large variety of fish and places to fish. So with that, when the moment struck for me to play around with my 3wt on a recent cloudy/windy/generally crappy day I made lemonade… out of sunfish. I played around with various streamer patterns and eventually settled into a few sunfish taking, of all things, a bright yellow Baetis nymph I tie for trout. It just looked like it would work so I went with it and it did. Funny to see my strike indicator slowly walking away from me, I laughed. I will be on the lookout for more opportunities to take warm water species so you should be on the lookout for more from, The Winona Fly Factory.

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