I worked on a few different patterns today while listening to Nina Simone’s greatest hits. This album was released in 69′ and contains the song “Sinnerman” which at 10:22 its amazing. I really enjoy her voice when she sings in French. I listened to this album atleast six times while tying the following:

E.lectric B.ead Caddis E.B. Caddis: Goofing around with bead ideas.

img_3389 B.B. Zebra Midge: Short for Blue Bead.

California Collar The California Collar: Re-Tooled, thanks for the imput.


I tied quite a few flies today and these are just a few. Quick ties, good flies (hopefully) and a good day of relaxing tunes on the radio. Makes me think others have to listen to something while tying, so I pose the question:

What do you listen to while fly tying? I have quite a wide range of music so the Nina Simone is new on my list. If you know underground NY hip-hop you would know Aesop Rock, another favorite of mine. Black Keys, Modest Mouse, Pink Floyd, and Zeppelin all top my tying radio list.


  1. I have noticed barbs on most of your flies. In preparation for winter midge emergences you may want to take the time to flatten the barb as when its 10 degrees faherenheit and the midge are popping the less time spent with your gloves off are paramount.

  2. I agree, I will be spending an afternoon pinching barbs. I do have a girl to help with that as well, but I hear what your saying. I need to get a pair of pliers I like to keep at my bench and pinch them from the start.

    avatar winonaflyfactory
  3. Hell Yes to the CCR, Beck i’m ok with but the CCR for sure. Haha, I think of the Big Lebowski when he crashes into the garbage can after spilling the beer on his roach. Doo-Doo-Doo- looking out my back door.

    avatar winonaflyfactory
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