Report Notes of Interest:

  • 12:30-3pm on the water.
  • Midge and Little Black Stoneflies all over the place.
  • Airtemp was 37 degrees F.
  • Sunny skies and a 5-10mph breeze.
  • Rising trout noticed almost immediately.

A heat wave hits Southeast Minnesota and I made every move I could to take advantage of it for a few hours. Hung out with the wife and kid for a while, did all the chores around the house, got things ready for the week and with a bit of luck I was granted a 3-4hr reprieve mostly while my daughter slept and the wife took care of some of her stuff. This short trip means stick close, easy in, easy out and be effective.

I chose to goto a place I was expecting to be totally free of other angler traffic despite the prior weekend days of gorgeous weather. I hadn’t fished this water in years and I honestly was expecting more but I was totally thrilled to be sitting in the little snow we have (which will likely be totally gone by the time this post goes live) watching trout rise to midge. 12:30am and I could tell immediately that the midge had been emerging for hours prior to my arrival. They were scattered in the snow far from the banks, flying the air and hovering over the riffles. I believe (could be wrong here and if I am let me know) that when you see the midge hovering over the riffles they have already emerged, crawled to a mate, done their thing and are now depositing the eggs for future generations.

I started as I usually do, smallish lightly weighted streamers. Caught two on that pretty easily. Noted more ice shelving on this creek than I was expecting. Continued to fish upstream until I watched six or more rises in the span of a minute or less. This was what I came for and I knelt in the snow, watched the show and slowly rigged a #20 midge. The wind kicked up right as I was about to cast…lost the first to a tree branch…novice move. Patience. Second fly on and again the wind and another tree branch… by this point I think I’d given myself up and being totally honest here I just went back to the streamer. I love fishing dry flies but my time was short and I wanted to cover some ground. Roll casting upstream landed a handful of smaller 10 inch or less brown trout. I was hoping to see a few brookies but no dice. I was disappointed to see the condition of this creek and the other boot prints in the snow. I am not the only one who knows this creek exists.

I fished my smaller streamer up and over log jams, dirty snags, and cut banks looking for a deep dark honey hole. One spot came close to that but the fishing was slow. Most of the trout with the midge about and the warmer weather were holding far up in the riffles. I managed a few more trout and cut out for the house knowing that I need not push my luck, I was fortunate enough to get this time.


  1. Looking at the pictures I believe that my friend and I were those boot prints. We fished there on the 7th and had a decent day. Definitely one of my favorite creeks in the area as well. Glad to hear that you caught some fish! Have you seen brookies in there before?

    avatar Jason Rieke
      1. I’ve made a number of trips to that creek over the last 4 years that I’ve been in winona and haven’t seen or caught one in any of the upper easement even above the last bridge. Maybe there are still some even further up?

        avatar Jason Rieke
        1. Yea I mean the most likely place they would be is as far upstream as possible. I haven’t been up that far in years. I may try to go back and explore soon but I was a bit disappointed with the lower reach of the easement, it is pretty torn up down there.

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