Trout WaterStarted the morning under cloudy skies, I opted to skip the day before knowing the nicer weather would draw other anglers out. I left the snowshoes behind and hiked to larger water. Airtemp was 17 degrees on arrival and predicted to climb to 25 by early afternoon. I opted for a smaller streamer sent to me by John Jensen a few weeks prior, I love getting his flies in the mail and his streamers rock. I’m guessing it was a #8, I liked the whiggly legs alot. It was light and I knew it wouldn’t make a large impact on trout and given the low water levels that was going to be important. I picked a riffle and let loose, several darted out from the fast moving water chasing Jensen’s fly to my feet. I was surprised to see the number of trout holding in the riffles, all day long the aggressive strikes and subsequent trout coming to hand came from the shallow riffles. The deeper pools held trout, lots of them as one would expect for this time of year but they were spooky and I didn’t feel like spending an hour attempting to get a #20 down four feet resulting in hundreds of spooked trout chansing away from my fly each time I put it in the drink. I was content to hike through the snow, pick of a fish here or there when the ideal riffle presented itself. Everyone of those riffles held trout, they all wanted that bigger meal and were willing to chase after it. It was a good day.

p.s. John, thanks for the flies. I’m working on the return package, it’s just taking me a while to get to everything on my plate. You are not forgotten, I appreciate the gesture. Super cool flies that went into my boxes immediatly. Thanks again.


  1. Hey man, glad to hear you are getting some stream time in. I have not been out nearly as much as i have in years past. I’d like to hook up again if there is time, it’s been to long. If nothing else we’ll maybe see you at the next meeting i’ve been to busy to attend lately.

    Take care,

    avatar S.T.Fanatic

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