1. Definitely some frozen water. Are those lots of deer tracks by the open water? I didn’t see any pics of fish, so I’m assuming you didn’t pull anything out of the open water? I hit our local river Saturday, but only saw a couple of whitefish. But it was gorgeous up the canyon and 40 degrees. We get this nasty temperature inversion and it was 19 degrees at home.

    1. Scott, I didn’t end up taking any fish. I really only attempted a few casts. It was a winter goal of mine to check this valley out under snowy conditions. It was clear we were the only humans to set foot back there in quite a while. All the stream images have hundreds of tracks, deer, rabbit, and plenty of turkey. It was surreal to see the massive amount of tracks indicating so much activity and yet all we saw were a half dozen turkeys crossing the frozen stream.

      I should note that it is my assumption that this valley only gets maybe 4-5hrs of direct sunlight a day during the winter due to the tight east/west bluffs. I think that is why it remains so frozen when most of our other spring creeks remain open. This is a good thing to note when heading there in a month or so, go in early.

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