• Fished from 12:30-3pm
  • Midge were in the air & on the banks on arrival.
  • Air temp: 33-34 on arrival. 
  • Overcast w/ rain & sleet. No wind. 
  • Streamer water, snaggy & untouched. 
  • Landed a few Browns.
  • New water today. 



  1. Hey Justin,

    Lovin the blog man. I am a fellow addict, fly tyer, and rod builder. I live in Red Wing and get out fishing as much as I can. I’m always looking for new people to go out fishing with. Shoot me an email or look me up on facebook., we can get out sometime this winter. Keep the posts coming.

    Joel Messick
    Driftless Rod Co.

  2. I’m glad to see you getting out so much with this near perfect weather. I fished less this past year than I ever have in the past 20 years and I haven’t wet a line yet this winter. Pathetic I know! I have two broken rods in my office that for some reason or another have not addressed. I did tie up a dozen jigs the other day and have been thinking about getting some stink on the hands just hasn’t happened.

    Hope all is well


    avatar Cameron Kennedy
  3. I love exploring new water– 90% of the time I’m less successful than if I fished known water but there’s just something about the feeling of walking up to a big fishy looking pool that you’ve never cast to before.

    Beautiful brown btw.


    1. You’re totally right, the first time looking at a piece of water I end up passing up areas I should have cast at and spending too much time on places that hold nothing but you don’t know what’s out there until you hike it, fish it and cast at it. The unexpected is a very strong draw for me. Hope you’re doing well Brian.

  4. Thanks for the posts. After a long Fall and mild Winter, this cold snap has brought on the shack nasties. Your posts are always a welcome break. Also nice to see a fellow BP’er getting after it. Keep it up.

    avatar Ben

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