So when I pulled off the water this morning I noticed the nice beautiful sun. I decided to get some coffee at the Blue Heron in town, which by the way is a good place to get the ever important coffee and sit in the sun. After a few minutes my phone rang…”Have you been out yet today?” I thought about the amount of sun and the wind. The forecast predicted much stronger winds which is what pulled me off the water earlier, and now they weren’t too bad. So, how could I say no to that.

We hit a tributary of the Whitewater River and then stopped at the main branch on the way out. No midge again today but defiantly saw more fish today than in previous days. The wind was biting at times and guides froze quickly today but all in all it was very enjoyable. I’m still fishless this winter season but I’m in no hurry. 

We found a hole that contained easily thirty trout, unfortunately my approach still needs work. I ended up casting a #14 tato scud with a #20 pt trailer once and then on the retrieve getting it stuck right at the water line. My only option to salvage the hole for another cast was to crawl on my belly in the snow to the bank. I managed to pull it off only to break the line due to ice but I recovered both flies. After tying them back on in the cold I tried again only to get two casts before they were on to me. Difficult. Still, alot of fun!


  1. Agreed! I have had such a good time everytime on the water. I think its because I go fairly slow and stay warm. Catching fish comes in almost last on the list of priorities.

    avatar winonaflyfactory
  2. Keep trying! The winter just requires a little different sense of things. You figured out the warm season. It won’t be long before you have the cold one too. Watch those deep holes. If you see a bunch of suckers, there are likely trout in there too–they just have that way of staying invisible. Dredge…

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