Sun in the Bluffs

So what better reason to set your alarm for 6:45am on a Sunday than trying to catch the only decent hour for winter fly fishing? Looking at the weather the night before the air temp was scheduled to drop while winds picked up after 9-10am this morning so I decided that I still wanted to use the only hour of daylight to hit a favorite place of mine even if for only a cold moment.

     Line in the water.    The Sun hitting the West Bluff.    Murky Trout Water

I fished a #20 Zebra Midge behind a #16 Pink Squirrel and I only made four casts. Normally this particular stream remains crystal clear all the time, even when rains will muddy larger watersheds and yet today it was murky, I couldn’t tell if the fish were holding in the same holes as in the warmer months. The wind was mild but picking up as I burnt the first hour of sunlight, after the sun came up the wind started picking up cuing my exit and I headed home. I love this water and this particular time of the day so despite the cold and the real limited possibility of a fish, this for me was fun. The air temp on the way into town was +9 degrees falling from +16 when I left. Note: The coffee I left in the car was still warm when I returned making for a very pleasant ride home.

The W.F.F. AM Workout.


  1. Liz had to leave for the weekend. You know how that goes, when you get the free time its almost like weather no longer matters, you just go.

    After thinking about it, the only thought I have on the murky water is that there may have been some construction involving a bridge upstream from where I was fishing but that was supposedly finished a while ago and so I figured it wouldn’t be upsetting the water. I could be wrong.

    avatar winonaflyfactory

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