Fished from 10-2:30. Browns and brookies on a super small super spooky creek. Difficult rating was high, tight casting lanes cost me a few fish but this was honestly one of the best days I’ve ever had on a creek. I sat in the snow and dead drifted a #14 (2X Long) Black Marabou Leech and grinned as the sun came out as a nice sized brown rolled on the bottom of the pool. That fish turned out to be just over 16inches. I started with a larger #8 Sprinkle me Baby and quickly changed to a much smaller fly with no flash. Spooky trout need subtle presentations with minimal surface impact, the flash was unnecessary with the low, slow and clear water. Saw a new valley, I dug it. No bugs hatching, saw only one rise late in the progression of the strike. Morning was overcast, afternoon was sunny with minimal wind and the hike out saw the wind kick up a bit. Air temp topped out at 31degrees, basically the best winter conditions a guy could hope for. Third day in a row where gloves and a hat were unnecessary and remained in my pockets for the duration of the trip. Managed two browns over 16 and ended the day with two brookies the first 12inches the second 14. A good day in a place so beautiful pictures do no justice.





  1. Justin, great batch of posts for 2016! Can’t wait to get out on some clear winter streams. I like the distinction you made on the #8 SMB vs the #14 black leech. Photography is top notch!

    avatar Isaac

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