In the past I’ve kept this site free of opinions, not sure if that’s a good thing, if it’s the right thing. Fished the other day and took note of multiple beavers, noted their impact on certain stretches of stream. Called a fella I know and was told that the section of creek I was fishing was slated for habitat improvement. I’ve seen some work I like, some I SAMSUNG CSChate, some that I thought was a good thing and some I believe has ruined locations for me. I can remember a couple places that I miss, the places I learned to fish and they are gone. Heard the information about this recent area and just felt that way. I ditched to a creek that is private, had to ask permission to touch, I did and I got it.

Small, difficult to fish water covered mostly by thick ice shelves. Streamers, #14 Pink Squirrels and a #18 Orange Scud all brought brightly colored fish to hand, the fish in contrast to the grey skies above my head. I managed multiple brookies from 8-12inches over two hours, all showing some degree of gill lice infestation. Hands got seriously cold for a while as I sat on a single hole for longer than I normally do. Spent my time in the woods with my thoughts and the fish. Glad for these moments and places, I go back and forth on lots of things. Habitat improvement, might be right for one place but it’s not for all and private water…seen alot of it neglected, hard to find a balance. Got home, cleaned up and looked out the door to see a fat furry friend hanging out by the barn, been wanting rabbit for dinner for a while now and I know they will be a problem in the spring and summer with the garden. Life in Driftless country, day over.



  1. Good stuff as always!! I don’t remember if i said anything last night or not. I’m thinking that in our properties case the beavers will be moving out this summer. They have literally eaten every tree along the stream. I think they have eaten themselves out of a place to stay. Keep in touch.

    avatar Cameron Kennedy
  2. Not about Brook Trout, but about a fly you tied on Youtube a few years ago: the Foam Stimulator. I’ve seen the thin foam occasionally, but never in the colors used in your fly. Can you tell me where to find this foam in colors? Thanks.

    avatar Jerry Schureman -- Kentucky

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