Jan. 22: 2016

In the past I’ve kept this site free of opinions, not sure if that’s a good thing, if it’s the right thing. Fished the other day and took note of multiple beavers, noted their impact on certain stretches of stream. Called a fella I know and was told that the section of creek I was fishing was slated for habitat improvement. I’ve seen some work I like, some I SAMSUNG CSChate, some that I thought was a good thing and some I believe has ruined locations for me. I can remember a couple places that I miss, the places I learned to fish and they are gone. Heard the information about this recent area and just felt that way. I ditched to a creek that is private, had to ask permission to touch, I did and I got it.

Small, difficult to fish water covered mostly by thick ice shelves. Streamers, #14 Pink Squirrels and a #18 Orange Scud all brought brightly colored fish to hand, the fish in contrast to the grey skies above my head. I managed multiple brookies from 8-12inches over two hours, all showing some degree of gill lice infestation. Hands got seriously cold for a while as I sat on a single hole for longer than I normally do. Spent my time in the woods with my thoughts and the fish. Glad for these moments and places, I go back and forth on lots of things. Habitat improvement, might be right for one place but it’s not for all and private water…seen alot of it neglected, hard to find a balance. Got home, cleaned up and looked out the door to see a fat furry friend hanging out by the barn, been wanting rabbit for dinner for a while now and I know they will be a problem in the spring and summer with the garden. Life in Driftless country, day over.



  1. Good stuff as always!! I don’t remember if i said anything last night or not. I’m thinking that in our properties case the beavers will be moving out this summer. They have literally eaten every tree along the stream. I think they have eaten themselves out of a place to stay. Keep in touch.

  2. A day of catching some beautiful Brook trout,fresh rabbit for the pot and a New Belgium Accumulation….. Reminds me of a Quote “In this moment I am life”

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    Jerry Schureman -- Kentucky

    Not about Brook Trout, but about a fly you tied on Youtube a few years ago: the Foam Stimulator. I’ve seen the thin foam occasionally, but never in the colors used in your fly. Can you tell me where to find this foam in colors? Thanks.

    • Hi Jerry, I was able to find it at Claire’s which is a store for young girls found in some malls. I also found it on Amazon listed as Jaybird and Mais 50 Foam Underwrap / Pre-Wrap. Hope this helps.

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