Jan. 21: 2016

  • 1-3:30pm Target location changed last minute due to lack of time.
  • Airtemp 27-29 Range with minimal wind.
  • Overcast, no sun whatsoever.
  • Fished a new protype fly, loved it could use some weighting adjustments.
  • Fish crushed streamers today, not a single fish above 15inches though.
  • No Midge seen, none on the banks and nothing in the air.
  • Significant Ice shelves, the fish use them for cover and you should target them when you can.
  • Note Image below: Cast at X short drift and slow retrieve, caught 5 fish 12-14 from that spot. I point this out because a traditional downstream approach just wouldn’t work in this situation, nymphs…not gonna work here either. This is streamer water and spots like this demand heavy tippet they can result in large fish.






  1. That’s a helofa hook! I like it. No shaking that thing loose. I was out from about 12noon-5pm Saturday. Same deal. No midge, no stones, nothing. Down and in with streamers all day. Had some very hard hits and hook ups. Missed one in maybe the 16-18 range. Rolled saw the yellow belly, and gone…..
    I never get over how close deer pass by standing right in the middle of a stream.

    avatar Tim H. Hastings, MN

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