• SAMSUNG CSCArrival Time: 12:30pm
  • Arrival AirTemp: 34Degrees
  • Arrival WaterTemp: 44Degrees
  • Conditions: Sunny Skies, Low to Moderate Wind. Slight stain on arrival at first creek. Large numbers of scuds and caddis noted at first riffle crossing. Minimal to no mayfly nymphs.

Notes: Nymphing was not as effective as I would have expected. Swapped to a streamer for a faster approach allowing me to keep moving upstream and see a larger section of water. Fished the first stream for two hours and noted larger numbers of midge in the air with minimal to no rising. The fish that did strike were lethargic and hit very lightly, typical winter response although I was expecting the warmer airtemps to impact the creek temps. It’s possible snow melt had contributed to a decline in activity as I arrived alittle later than I would have preferred.

Ran into a fella I knew on the creek and after less than desirable results I bailed on the first creek and hauled off to a hidden gem for the rest of the day. The sun hung high and I did my best to follow it avoiding all the shaded areas. Watched two northern pike swim in a massive pod of suckers on the second creek, also noted a couple browns that looked to be close to 20inches hanging in that group. Managed a nicer fish on a down and in with a slow retrieve from a faster run, fish fought me with all it had. I enjoyed that.



    1. Thanks for the note. Glad someone is still checking in with me. I apologize for the hiatus, things just stacked up. Things are good around here, still plenty busy though but the new winter season regulations here have really lit a fire in me. I have been dreaming of fishing alot of water in the winter. Hopefully I can make time to see some of it. Take care man.

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