Winter fishing continues between the cold fronts. The last few days have seen high air temperatures in the single digits and I’ve passed several creeks that were frozen over in multiple places recently. The days that have been warm have been very warm, air temp topped out at 35°F today and the wind has been minimal. Looking forward to the weekend forecast today was the day to make it to running water. Look for the smaller creeks coming off really cold days to avoid ice shelves. Boots wet from Noon-2:30pm today, between work obligations I made best of a few hours in the afternoon.

Fished a larger streamer for the most part, used a double nymph rig on a couple deeper holes which resulted in two very small brown trout. The faster water in the 1.5-4ft deep range produced as expected, down and in, slow retrieve up until the fly is skating on the surface then repeat. Multiple fish just crushed the SMB (my take on a heavier woolly bugger with a flash collar). The larger fish below came out of a shallow plunge pool less than 3ft deep. My fly hits the creek and this fish just crushes it then dives hard, he fought well.

Sunny and warm, midge were out flying in the air but nothing was rising. I should also note that the creek was stained from what I can only guess were cattle upstream, this might have kept the fish from surfacing. The nymph rig (#14 Hairball & a #16 Orange Scud) was consistent but only bringing in smaller browns but everything larger came from the faster broken 3-4ft deep runs, fished all the way to the shallowest part of the riffle. Excellent afternoon, caught a handful of fish and hit the road. The weekend will bring seriously cold air and I need to tie more flies.







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