Jackpot: 4/9/16

Spent a couple hours to hike a stretch of water I’ve never fished before. Easy access, minimal evidence of frequent fishing pressure and the potential for some seriously large brown trout. I wasn’t sure it was going to be worth my time until I rounded a corner and the sandy bottom I accessed from a bridge immediately turned into deep, dark, green trout water. Second cast and I had a brown in the palm of my hand and for the next two hours it was deep snaggy run into deep green pool short riffle repeat. I fished a streamer and rolled an 18in brown that I had on for a moment and a launch from the creek resulted in a spit hook, I was a bit late on the hook set. A handful of fish from 14-16inches were landed before I took off for home. I will be back here again very soon.         


  1. Wow – it’s like the water just falls off into the abyss! Sounds like a blast, and, an amazing bit of water!

  2. Yea it’s not every day you fish new water that could be a hit or a total miss and it ends up knocking the ball out the park. I’m sure I’ll be back soon.

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