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Since we’ve moved I’ve noticed a lingering urge just to stay at home, to be home doing stuff all the time. One of our first goals this summer was to plant a garden. Liz and I have had a small space to grow a few tomato plants in the past but have never built a garden from the ground up. This began with laborious ground prep and fence installation all of which was done by hand without the use of motorized tools. Sod was composted, soil was tilled (with a borrowed motorized tiller), post holes were dug and installed. Additional soil was added and then formed to make four large raised beds. Planting was completed on a rainy cool evening and now we are spending time daily monitoring and maintaining the space. This being our first attempt at a full scale garden will be a learning experience but a rewarding one, I hope to [singlepic id=2716 w=280 h=200 float=left]expand what we have done this year to accommodate more for next year and in time perhaps have enough to bring to the farmers market near us. After all the work is done, weeds have been pulled, plants staked and mulch applied we like to relax with our hounds. Lily my German Shorthair is especially adept at the Dock Jump. Check it out and enjoy the outside even if your not fishing.

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