Good Dog…

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The dogs did well in South Dakota and returned with a few feathers for me. Good thing I like tying Pheasant Tail Nymphs. After my dog shattered her back right leg we were worried she would have problems hunting. A year and a month after the accident she got to hunt for days the way she is supposed to, she even retrieved several of the birds. I am planning to join and bring her myself next year.


  1. those hackles look to be in great shape. nice score!

  2. A lifetime supply of pheasant tails, nice!

  3. Very nice, the weather has been great to get outdoors.

  4. The dogs always come through in nice style, these are the best and longest of the tail feathers from each bird. This year alone will last for quite some time, combine that with the haul from last year and I’ll never run out.

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