I got a doe deer hide from a friend at work today and managed to read enough hopefully to clean and keep the hide so the hair is useable for fly tying. I know that the entire hide isn’t useful as it applies to fly tying however I do believe that I can use the better parts and perhaps dye the other parts different colors for new patterns. This is the first time I’ve done this so forgive my ignorance. I must admit that without Liz I would have been in the basement forever. She is amazing and is always so willing to help. Makes me realize how I need to help her.


Liz and I cut and scraped as much flesh and fat off the hide as we could. I don’t have the proper space to do this but we managed. We used non-iodized salt to cover the entire hide after we cleaned it to dry it out. It has a fan on it now and we will check up on it over the next few days to a week. We might have to scrape the old salt off and re-applying new.  Can’t wait to tie flies with it. Do it yourself, or go home.


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