SAM_1842Life in the Driftless Area is good. The caddis are out, the creeks are in great shape and the Morel mushrooms are starting to come up. More moisture and warmer weather will help things along but for now if you look you’ll start to see these popping up around the region. There is something captivating about the first mushrooms of the season, mine always end up the same, fried in a pan of butter and eaten straight up. We also had a bunch mixed in with brussel sprouts and onions. I will be catching my dinner on a creek nearby and stuffing them with Morel’s as well. For now this early season haul will suffice until I can get back out into the woods. A word of caution, be mindful for deer ticks, they’re out in a big way this time of year.

Photo Credit: The Driftless Exposure



  1. nice! oh man. I found a few lonely stragglers on my last outing. we are about 1-2 months ahead of you hear. a day later and they would have been a bit over. I prepare mine the same, but lay them over eggs and toast for breakfast. mmmmmm….

  2. Glad to hear someone is having some success with the fungi. I have heard some people are finding them. I have looked twice in a couple of really good spots and only found two. I keep telling my self we need more heat. Maybe I’m loosing my eye sight along with my mind. I have a new long stretch of water locked up on the lower end of that system that gave up many above average trout on Sunday. Quite difficult to fish however lots of habitat to say the least. Many anglers out there would say the stream needs a work day to remove down trees that are clogging up the stream as well as stream side brush. Me, I don’t think It could be any more perfect. Hope all is well.


    avatar cam
    1. Hey Cam, you know my thoughts on habitat. I think yesterday’s rain with today’s heat will make tonight a good night for the production of mushrooms. I’ll go out later this week for a bit I think. Hope you and yours are doing good man.

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