Driftless Winter: This footage was shot during a day I spent with a good friend of mine on March 11th, 2018. Despite the cloudy skies it was an excellent day and the initial hike downstream saw me stripping down to a t-shirt to avoid wearing a sweat soaked cotton rag the rest of the day. Plenty of heavy white stuff on the ground two days after a recent storm making the area picturesque. I got to see a totally new creek, do some fishing, filming, hiking and thinking. When I got home and found a minute to review the footage I started seeing the picture in my head of something dark and slow, this is the result of that day and how my brain put together the footage. This was shot and edited entirely by myself and although it may not be everyone’s cup of tea I feel this film making stuff is starting to pan out, proof is in the footage. Enjoy the couple minute video I put together from what I found to be the mood, feeling and story for the day.



  1. I love your videos. Really nice once again. I would love to fish with you sometime. However, I do only fly fish with tenkara gear. I am retired so would be available almost anytime.

    avatar David Noll
    1. David, I’ll take this into consideration. I’m currently working quite a bit and I tend to make the choice to fish based on my daughter and the weather which often doesn’t leave a ton of time for planning in advance but I’ll keep this in the back of my mind going into the summer. I’m hoping to quit one of my jobs and free up more time.

  2. Beautiful footage, love the vibe of your videos. Exploring a new stream with a fresh blanket of snow makes it feel like you are the first person to ever explore the place. Most people never get to experience that.

    avatar Jason Rieke

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