The Winona Fly Factory Fly Tying Radio:

  1. 30 minutes of Minnesota Public Radio
  2. Tommy The Cat: Primus
  3. Opiate: Tool
  4. Holdin’: Yonder Mountain String Band
  5. Walk The Line: Johnny Cash
  6. Loser: Beck (Wendy, I laughed)
  7. Sin: Nine Inch Nails
  8. Daylight: Aesop Rock
  9. Bleed the Freak: Alice In Chains
  10. General Tso’s Chicken: The Northwoods Band
  11. Soul Jacker pt. 1: The Eels
  12. Bring It On Home: Led Zeppelin (Awesome)

Thinking to the not to distant future and knowing how long it could take me to complete my task I started the day tying BWO’s to Minnesota Public Radio. I listened to news and then set the ipod to random tunes to finish the afternoon. 

BWO's Tied by The Winona Fly Factory

I tied these BWO’s in size 18 with two different types of tails. I personally think the Micro Fibbet tails look better but the hackle fiber tails  take me less time. I am planning on testing both under semi-scientific conditions to determine which I like better, and I guess I will let the trout weigh in on the subject as well.

I must admit I was reluctant to start these due to the fact they arn’t as easy for me but it needed to be done and I’m fairly pleased with the end result. I used a razor blade to demolish an old dozen I didn’t approve of. Keep your hook eyes clear, I did not on my previous attempts.

Things to note: Use the smallest amount of dubbing, I really think its better to add some more after the fact, especially the dry fly dubbing, it tends to clump. Work on tying in your hackle, I find that having it at the correct angle with relation to the hook shank helps keep the fibers neater when palmering. Buy quality hackles…they are worth it.

BWO's Micro Fibbet Tail


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