Its been a while since I sat down at my vise and started tying, partly because I’ve had so many flies that I haven’t needed to and partly because when my wife and I found out we were going to be parents I gave up the room in my house that had been home to most of my stuff including my tying bench. I still don’t have a permanent area but I’m fine with that for the time being. Tying is a little slower than I remember because I’m forced to dig around to find the materials my brain tells me I must have. Someday I’ll have time to sit down and put everything back together the way it used to be which will allow me to knock out dozens of SMB’s like I used to but for now I’ve been fooling around with less involved streamer ideas to get me close to the glory of that pattern. If you’re wondering what an SMB is I’ll try to dig up a few and post them as they are the best streamer pattern I’ve ever tied and I love them. In the meantime I’m retraining my brain to hold my scissors and bobbin in the same hand, get materials to lay properly and whip finish my patterns the way I used to. So far so good. Nymphs are coming soon, streamers first.

p.s. I’m always trying to improve my photography including my macro work. I have a long way to go.


  1. You are not kidding, here’s some money for that, here some money for that :)… But also, you get back to it and you may be a bit less sharp (fit) but you quickly regain the basics…

    avatar Will
    1. Yea you never forget how but perhaps you become acutely aware of the ability you were once able to achieve. I can say that with regards to where I was with my road bike two years ago I will likely never get back to that level fully. I will always enjoy it though, same with tying.

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