These are basic patterns that will teach some fundamental tying techniques and will help fill your S.E. MN Spring Creek box with effective flies.

Caddis Larva


Zebra Midge


Blood Midge


I should note that this is my first attempt at recording my fly tying, I have had to learn a few things about cameras, video editing, uploading, fly tying, and myself all to manage just these few patterns and these are the simple ones. Hopefully these do the patterns and myself justice. Enjoy.


  1. I tie a very similar pattern, with a tungsten bead head,and a couple turns of black ostrich herl at the head. I make up wire “dubbing brushes” which makes for a really quick tie (and very durable). The tungsten bead gets it to the bottom…and lots of fish! I often have over 250 of this pattern tied up in the spring…only to be out by early summer!!If you not fishing it on the bottom…your not catching fish!!! I also use 6x tippet, which helps the fly sink fast…but facilitates losing flies! Try this (or your pattern) using a small “Thingamabobber” strike indicator (that’s the tip of the month!).

    This pattern not only closely resembles the free living caddis but also scuds. It’s my #1 nymph by far and I tie it down to #18 2x short caddis hook (like you show) which gives you an effective #20. I tie it as large as a #14…which is my most common size. A great combination is the #14 with a #18 trailer tied about 12-18″ back).

    It has earned the name “Better Than Bait” (BTB) !!!

    avatar Andy

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