I am looking to replace the fly line and backing on my reel. Everything I own regarding my rod/reel and line is the original Cabela’s Prestige One combo set-up. Knowing that I’m going to purchase and build a Sage TXL 7’10” 3wt. and the reel I’ve chosen is an Orvis CFO, I am curious to pose the question:

What is your recommendation for an all around great Line for the Orvis CFO reel (maybe that doesn’t matter that much, I don’t know). I want a Floating Line that is going to last and is versatile, I want one set-up right know and don’t know about changing lines for nymphing. What about backing? Not as important due to the fact that on my water’s I’ll seldom get to the backing? Or should that still matter. I know these are not easy questions but I would really appreciate some advice, I’d like to purchase something shortly after Jan. 1st. 

Has anyone used these leaders by Feather-Craft? I’m thinking about trying a few out. 

F.C. Furled Leaders

Furled Leaders by Feather-Craft

I am going to continue using the rod/reel combo I have knowing that I still have to practice casting and would rather beat this rod up than the nice one I’m going to get. Thanks.


The W.F.F.


  1. If all you do is dry fly fish, then the furled leaders are great – simple to use, etc. However, if you want to do some real nymph fishing without the leader’s buoyancy being an issue, skip the furled leader. I’ve used them and am not a fan.


    P.S. i have the TXL 1 weight – awesome rod.

  2. Thanks for the information, They do make a nymph sinking version of this leader, would that change your mind? I might have to wait a bit before getting the TXL but its clear that its my future. Peace


    avatar winonaflyfactory
  3. No. I’m not a furled leader fan. I like hand tied tapered for general all purpose stuff. Straight up tapered for a day of dry fly fishing, and sinking leaders for streamers.

    I have used poly-leaders, though. They are pretty decent (but a bit pricey).


  4. Hope you haven’t given up on furled leaders. I make my leaders from Uni 6/0 and don’t have an issue using them for dry or nymphs.

    Fire me your snail mail address and I’ll mail you one to try out.

    avatar D.J.

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