Blood, sweat and tears went into this project. I tried to push myself beyond my comfort zone, working harder to tell a story and to move away from only images set to music. I started, then restarted this project more times than I can count but I never give up. I knew the footage was there but how to piece it all together just wasn’t coming to me, this has to be what writers block feels like. Hours spent wasted, frustration felt, then one night a week ago the first glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel appeared and after that every spare moment I’ve had has been spent working on this project. When that first building block came together the flood gates opened and I just keep going while the inspiration was present. If you’ve never edited something like this I can tell you it can be done quickly but I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I spent as much time as I felt the project required to achieve a result I’m satisfied with. I’m happy with this effort and although I’m not sure it’s not my best work it really was challenging. One other note. I’m not a fan of my own voice, wasn’t sure if I was going to commit to a voice over but in the end it I think it helps make the film what it is. With that, here is Searching by Winona Fly Factory Films, please enjoy.

Post Script: Please view in 1080p HD it’s worth it.

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