Now when I say warmer water I’m specifically looking to the water temps between 44 degrees and 50 degrees. These water temps should, in the next month, start kicking off BWO hatches along with continued Midge hatches. Working to prepare for this situation I’ve tied two patterns that should help me. 

Jujubee Midge Adult  (Charlie’s Fly Box)

Jujubee Midge Adult tied by The W.F.F.

I tied these on a size 20 hook and I’m hoping they will provide me with a dry/emerger fly option for fishing the midge hatches that I’ve seen over the last month or so. Sparse was the key here, I’m excited to fish this pattern.

CDC BWO Emerger (Flytiers)

CDC BWO Emerger tied by The W.F.F.

This CDC BWO Emerger was tied on a size 16 hook, I used antron dubbing for both the body and the head, if you get a chance to pick up an Antron dubbing dispenser I highly recommend it. Hopefully I will be fishing these in the next month or so. Click the name of each fly to find the recipe from the prospective sites I used to model my flies from.


  1. Wendy –

    You ought to come out with me and WFF in the coming weeks….

    WFF –

    These flies look great. I need to swap for some of those midge patterns.

    I would suggest the BWO emerger in an 18 or tie it shorter on the 16.

    Hows your Saturday looking? I have the itch to get on some new water but would love to see what Possum is up to.

    avatar hsershen

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