Feb. 27th More Winter Bugs

Notes of Interest:

  • Adult Winter Stones and Midge on Arrival (~11am)
  • BWO’s at ~12:30-1pm as the Water Temp Rose to 49 Degrees
  • Despite Higher Water Temps Minimal Rising Trout
  • Saw Four Deer When I Usually See None
  • Found 3 Deer Carcasses, One Way Too Fresh To Show Here
  • Attempted Bug Photo’s with Reference Tape in mm, worth the effort, will continue this practice.
  • Flies that worked: #20 Zebra Midge and a #18 Pheasant Tail Nymph
  • New Water Today With a Nice Trail, Google Earth Estimates 2.4 Miles Travelled One Way



  1. Great shots. What the heck is that odd looking bug?

  2. that tape reference should come in handy at the vise….

  3. I would tend to agree JP. the Bug images are also updating on the naturals page for quick and easy referance in the future.

    Wendy, I have no idea. I will be looking, I thought spider at first but I don’t think so anymore.

  4. crey fish, giant water beetle?

  5. Great photos! It is shaping up here to be a good opening weekend. Not as lucky as you to have a winter season. Shoot me an e-mail, I want to ask you a question about your fly patterns.

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