Such a nice day outside I decided I needed to eat my lunch by a trout stream. Saw no fish rising, the water was cloudy due to snow melt. I did however find these: Midge arn’t the only thing twitching around the streams. 

                   Little Black Stonefly      Dobson Fly Larva      2 Midge and a Tiny Black Fly      One of 3 Midge Species

Little Black Stonefly

Interesting that I found the Dobson Fly larva crawling in the snow, several of them infact, bigger worm looking things. Also, I collected between 6 and 10 Black Stone Flies and only 2 had fully developed wings, I’m wondering if they sit in the snow and develop them over time after they crawl from the water? I didn’t have my thermometer with me but I won’t make that mistake again.


  1. I was surprised to see them in the snow, and they were more than ten feet from the banks. I’m going to do a bit of reading to see how they mature. The stone flies arnt on the hatch chart from Lanesboro but they were in the water I was looking at, making me think about what else one can find if they look hard enough.

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